The game of money and power has gone on from ages and can traceably be manifested from the evolution that has mired the human sanctity. Ever since man was banished from paradise, he is trying to override the demon and feed his impulsive drive even at the cost of crushing others down, because this is instinctively what he is best at. The human thirst for authority and lust for supremacy has made this weaker creation grow so devilish that it can go to any length to dismantle and destroy its counterparts, taking up the role of vampires, that once only existed in movies.

Stepping into the corporate world is as dreamy as wishing for a routine that ideally lets you keep a great balance between your personal and professional life. As days pass by, one realizes the worth of such theories and how valuable a balanced life is, until the concept too becomes a lifelong dream. The growing fad that shadows organizational cultures is theoretically touted as that made up of aspects of unity, togetherness and collaboration but once stepped into becomes a prison of bloodshed, leg-pulling and political bickering consuming up all the work ethic values once heard of. The trend of instilling in the workers a sense of competition, a race of achievements, visibility as a worker, owning unbridled authority and ruling over peers is reinforced to an extent that it leads to normalizing hate, routinizing aggression and breeding an army of professionals who are later labelled as “competent” while the rest are cautiously elbowed out to lookout for places that best suit their bona-fide morality.

What lies as a dilemma has yet not been addressed as the dreams of many cannot simply die the death of a tragedy only because they lack competency of not having possessed the art of wily ways, the secrecy of cunning tactics and the crafty tricks of winning over management in an attempt to bring out the best in them. Often at times, the introverts are pushed into doom and victimized by levelling allegations on how inclusion means artificially representing yourself at forums without cashing on the abilities that can gear the organizations towards unprecedented success. Is forceful representation a new norm or have we reached a state where we all must act as mere puppets only to prove our worth?

Unfortunately, we, humans have taken over our destinies and full ownership of our fate which is backed up by values instilled in us of materialism, greed and lust. The power game has us all indulged in a frenzy affair, where all that ever appeals to us is the wildness of rise, the delusion of growth and attraction of money. But at the end of calamities, we are driven into conforming and calling out to the creator because this is the very hiatus where all our powers diffuse. Before crusaders sink back into the greatness of professionalism and amp up their steps, know that often the stroke of fate favors the oppressors and the winds will find the sail sooner than dawn ends.