OKARA-Citizens demand a bus stand at the west-end of the city bypass to avoid day-to-day traffic accidents. The Advocates - Irfan Majeed, Imran Nasir, Usman Tanvir Gujjar, Muhammad Moshin Chohan Muhammad Aslam Piracha, and citizens including Abdul Waheed Ansari, Ibne Tehsin, and many others had raised voice for the construction of another general bus stand at the west-end of the city bypass.

They said that the east-end of the bypass fell at a distance of 5/6 kilometres from the city, whereas, the west-end of the pass was just 2 kilometres away from the main city. Besides, the city passengers like to board a non-stop through and through bus at the west-end of the bypass.

But the haphazard dropping and picking of passengers had caused many heinous accidents and several people had lost their lives leaving behind their families in bereavement.

On 7km long bypass, there are many pick and drop points in the city orbit, causing notable risk and danger for accidents. Just last week six passengers and seven vehicles had fallen victim to road accident. Loss of 3/4 lives on the bypass has become a casual routine.

The people had suggested the construction of another general bus stand at the west-end of by pass as here all the land is owned by the provincial govt and is occupied by the army on terms.

Down the bypass there is vast tract of govt land which is lengthwise connected with the city GT road.

The non-stop buses do not enter the city but go on bypass. The passengers particularly dropping down the bus at east-end have to wait for city conveyance even in the pitched dark of night.

Besides, if the provincial intends to construct a general bus stand at the west-end of the bypass, the govt would not have to buy any land for the purpose except requesting the Military Farms administration to release possession of the land.

From Okara Cant area, innumerable army personnel and their families travel to their homes on daily-basis. They cannot book their seats properly.

If a general bus stand is constructed at the west end of the city bypass, it would not only facilitate the citizens but the army personnel as well.

So, the district administration, and the Divisional administration too, must consider over the plan and initiate the project for the city, Cant and traffic facility.

Newborn found dead

The dead body of a newborn baby was found floating in Lower Bari Doab Canal (LBDC). Three persons went to LBDC for fishing. They spotted the corps of a newborn baby floating in the canal. The police were informed, and they took the corps into custody. However, the police had been investigating.

Police arrest moonshiners

Police raided and arrested moonshiners with a huge quantity of liquor. A-Division police raided and arrested Hamza Slaeem of Sabri Colony with 29 litres of liquor. Shergarh police arrested Usman with 26 litres of liquor. Cases were registered accordingly.