Rawalpindi - The district administration of Islamabad on Monday imposed a ban on the advertisements of illegal housing societies, stone crushing on hills, public and religious gatherings, fireworks, wall chalking and use of loud speakers in the federal capital.

The notifications in this regard have also been issued by Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Hamza Shafqaat. According to details, the district government of Islamabad has slapped a ban under Section-144 while prohibiting the advertisement of all the illegal housing societies on all the mediums and also public and religious gatherings in addition to display of banners fomenting sectarianism, wall chalking, distribution of pamphlets, use of sound systems, loud speakers, fireworks and mountain digging. 

According to notifications issued by the DC Hamza Shafqaat, it has come into notice of the district administration that the owners of private housing societies are involved in fleecing huge amounts from citizens through fraudulent and illegal advertisements; therefore, a ban has been imposed on their advertisements as well as buying and selling activities.

The notifications also stated that a ban has been imposed of sale and purchase of CDs and DVDs having material about sectarianism. The DC Islamabad in a statement said the entire ban would remain in place for two months and legal action would be taken against the violators.