HYDERABAD  -   Grand Democratic Alliance General Secretary and Chief of Quomi Awami Tehreek Ayaz Latif Palijo has demanded the activation of non active technical colleges and establishment of medical, engineering, art and science universities in each district of Sindh province.

Talking to a delegation of Sindhi Shagird Tehreek here at his residence on Monday, Ayaz Latif Palijo said that only education can counter the corruption, favoritism and extremism in the society so that establishment of learning and higher learning institutions are necessary to improve the literacy rate in the province.

He said that an era of progress and prosperity is knocking the country including Sindh province in shape of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (C-PEC) which could provide job opportunities to millions on merit.

He expressed his dismay over the improper facilities for students in public universities of Karachi, Jamshoro, Nawabshah and Khairpur and called upon the management concerned to improve the required facilities so that the students could acquire knowledge in cordial atmosphere.

He also asked the students to make efforts for acquiring scholarship in foreign universities and make themselves ready to meet the challenges of modern world.

In order to avail the opportunity of C-PEC, he said there is the need that youth of the province should concentrate on their education particularly the technical education so that they could get jobs on merit.

He also demanded the Sindh government to create job opportunities for jobless youth. The industrial zones should be set up in each division of Sindh which are the main source of providing employment, he added.

Ayaz Latif Paliji was critical over the performance of PPP led government in Sindh adding that the provincial government is utilizing all resources to save party leaders and avert corruption cases which they are facing. The PPP leadership has been engaged in politics of black mailing, he alleged and added that time has come that all those who usurped the rights of the people and plundered the national exchequer would be brought to justice for accountability.