KAMALIA-PML-N leader Ch Asadur Rehman condemned the increase in the prices of medicines.

Addressing a meeting of political workers at his residence, he said that 15 percent increase in the prices of medicines was unbearable. He added: “The puppet government is taking away the right to live from the people.

They have already usurped food and livelihood from the poor by exorbitant inflation and now they are hell bent on taking lives by inflating the prices of essential medicines. Imran Khan’s government is truly a tsunami which has taken away shelter and the resources to live from the people.

Those who promised to give 5million homes to the people have made thousands of people homeless. Hundreds of thousands of people are now unemployed by those who proclaimed to give a billion jobs.”

He said: “The tsunami of inflation and lawlessness has become a threat to the country. The lack of policy-making has exposed the government within a few months.

The government is accusing the opposition rather than focusing on its performance. The effects of inflation cannot be swept under the hue and cry of corruption and calling names. Even today, the government’s spokesmen cries corruption charges to take attention away from the increased medicine prices.”

He questioned: “How long will the government keep diverting the people’s attention from real problems by playing corruption card?”

New press club

body elected

The members of Rajana Press Club Monday elected new-office bearers for 2019. They are: Zulfiqar Ali Janisar (president), Syed Sajjad Hussain (senior vice president), Kanwar Imran (vice president), Rana Sarwar Babar (general secretary), Munawar Hussain Bhattti (joint secretary), Rana Umer Hayat (finance secretary), Riaz Sabri (programme organiser), Arshad Saher, Ijaz Baig, Raja Nadeem and Naseer Zain (members of executive committee) and Tariq Mehmood (executive committee chairman).