Is there any equality in Pakistan, is every province getting equal focus? No, of course not since Balochistan is a visible example in front of us which has been ignored from decade to decade. Education is the fundamental right of every person living in Pakistan according to its constitution but it is unfortunate that constitution is not implemented in Balochistan, and it is only implemented in other Provinces.

Moreover, Balochistan has the highest number of out-of-school children in Pakistan and it is the highest illiteracy province in Pakistan where every out of 20 only one is educated. Besides this, the province too has minimum 1800 schools which are not functioning but salaries are every month taken by the teachers of those.Additionally, It is again unfortunate that it has been ignored in several leading and no government has worked for the improvement of the education sector.Getting education is the right of every one but this right is being caught-out. Lastly,The concerned authorities should take commensurate measures to make education available in the province.


Turbat, December 6.