LAHORE-The actor and comedian Vasay Chaudhry joined the Punjab Cultural Advisory Council recently to make a real difference, but it seems that the way he had hoped did not work.

The JPNA actor took to twitter to express his feelings about the council and wrote: “I have been a part of the cultural advisory council (Punjab) and more specifically, the film subcommittee (along with Mr Shaan, Syed Noor and Rashid Saab) for the last three months. This committee was formed by the minister for Culture. During this time we offered multiple suggestions,” Vasay explained.

The JPNA actor also shared that one of the proposals was to offer veteran artists medical services. “I’m pleased to share that by the grace of God and support from the Punjab Chief Minister, health cards are now being issued to artists across the province.”

Vasay said that he also suggested that the committee should establish a Lahore Film Festival with participants from different countries.“It was also suggested that a film authority be formed in Punjab offering benefits (subsidies, permissions, etc) to help film production and the revival of the film industry within Punjab.”

Furthermore, suggestions were made to restructure the tax system for cinemas in the province together with a motion “To curtail the mafia of cinema (including ideas / suggestions to benefit Pakistani film producers so that they can produce more films).”

He continued: “The reason I mentioned all these things is because I feel a moral obligation even if it’s in the capacity of an advisor. I believe that I’m accountable for my performance because it’s the tax payers’ money, which was utilised in those long sessions and meetings.”

The Armaan actor concluded saying: “Having said that, I will be stepping down from the Cultural Advisory Council as there is no point in sitting around when the carefully and passionately thought out paperwork is not being forwarded or implemented for reasons best known to the cultural ministry. Pakistan Zindabad.”