ISLAMABAD - In an odd case, a female officer deputed at the Economic Affairs Division has lied to the Establishment Division by declaring herself single while allegedly disowning a 10-year-old daughter who suffers from autism.

Despite being the biological mother, the grade-18 officer, Huma Ruqayya Safdar, of Office Management Group disowned the daughter who requires the mother’s consent to travel abroad for treatment.

“The female officer may face removal from service if the allegation is proved true since she had shown herself as single while getting the government job,” said sources in Establishment Division. In addition, she did not disclose that she has a daughter as well.

On the other hand, the father of the 10-year-old girl is moving from pillar to post to get documentation of his daughter completed so that she is treated abroad.

According to details, father of the girl has requested the Establishment Division, through an application, to help him obtain necessary documents like NADRA registration, passport of child and permission of her mother for travelling abroad so that his daughter Ermina could be treated abroad.

The documents require permission of the girl’s mother in this regard. It has been alleged that the female officer had not shown anywhere in her documents and record that she was mother of a special child, therefore, she now continuously disowns her child. An Islamabad court, of late, issued a guardian certificate to Agha Javed Fazil, the father of the child, but still he needs to get her daughter registered in Nadra record to obtain her passport.

When contacted, spokesman for Nadra Faik Ali said that for obtaining B form of the daughter, the father or the mother has to change his/her marital status from single to married. Once the marital status is updated in Nadra record, he/she can apply for B form of their kids.

Javed Fazil, father of the child, said that many embassies required mother’s consent to the guardian for travelling abroad and he only wanted to get her daughter treated abroad as he has the means but is facing issues elsewhere.

When The Nation contacted for comments on her official landline number, the female officer and her staff used ‘abusive language’ and threatened the scribe of dire consequences.