LAHORE - Punjab Governor Ch Sarwar vowed to eradicate corruption, injustice and oppression.  “There will be no compromise on accountability, transparency and merit. Due to successful foreign visits of Prime Minister Imran Khan, international investors have shown their confidence and pledged to invest in Pakistan,” he said while meeting additional secretary general of PTI Ijaz Chaudhry at Governor House Monday.

In addition of strengthening national economy of Pakistan, Imran Khan is also uplifting the social mobility of common man and addressing issues of poor and marginalized people.

Governor said that Imran Khan is determined to eradicate corruption in country and has firm devotion for across the board accountability. It is beyond any doubt that problems of country will be solved by eradication of menace of corruption. Prime Minister Imran Khan is aware of challenges faced by Pakistan and also working on emergency basis to solve them. In order to make Pakistan prosperous, economic progress is quintessential. Due to ongoing foreign visits of Prime Minister, confidence of investors in Pakistani economy will be increased and investment as well as employment opportunities will be increased.