The extremities of climate in Pakistan often the time take their toll on the poor and ordinary people. For instance, the recent wave of cold weather accompanied by continuous rains and heavy snowfall has claimed at least 80 plus lives over the past three days. Besides, people have also suffered financial losses and seen their properties damaged. The death and injury tolls can further increase as feared by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). Therefore, the government must direct all the district administration authorities to remain on their toes so that losses can be reduced.

Given that the cold weather has wreaked havoc across the country, the federal government needs to assess the situation in consultation with the provincial governments. Both the centre and provinces must utilise all the required resources to provide relief to the people who have fallen prone to the extremities of the cold weather. The government is indeed busy helping people out. However, it is not the first time when ordinary people have fallen victim to the cruelties of extreme weather.

The fact that this is the umpteenth time that the harsh weather is taking its toll on the ordinary folks, it is essential to ask the national and provincial disaster management authorities several questions. First, why do they fail every time whenever a natural calamity occurs? Second, will these bodies inform us about the preparations and precautions they take beforehand? Third, can they give us a timeline regarding constituting a joint and comprehensive strategy that can successfully minimise the damages that come with natural calamities?

The weather has paralysed the daily chores. The chilling weather has restricted the people to their homes. There are no indications that the days ahead will be warm ones. In such a situation, the government must utilise all resources on its disposal to provide relief to the ordinary people in all possible ways. The federal government, as well as the provincial ones, must do the necessary coordination in this regard. Also, the national and provincial disaster management authorities need to step up their game.

Also, relief activities are not just about making efforts to reopen the blocked thoroughfares. The government has to take many precautions to protect its citizens from the adverse effects of extreme cold. One such measure is ensuring a constant supply of gas to domestic consumers. Otherwise, spending days and nights without any gas can be challenging.