Since the NAB came into being its impartiality and efficacy in being equally applicable to all those who are considered equal in the eyes of law, a host of questions crop up in the minds of intellectuals. Musharaf is quoted as the pioneer of the institution of accountability but before Musharaf NAB was operative under the name of Ehtisab bureau under the vehement viability of Saif-ur-Rehman, a stooge of PML(N) supremo Nawaz Sharif. Saif-ur-Rehman enjoyed enormous powers to nab any person under the pretext of so called Ehtisab, which was a corrugated blade in the hands of Saif-ur-Rehman to inflict any one and to peel off ones flesh to his utter agony. Saif-ur-Rehman used this weapon recklessly. The opponents of PML(N) especially Asif Ali Zardari was the main target of Saif-ur-Rehman, all his inborn venom was drifted towards the affliction of Benazir and Zadari. He exhumed and raked out stories for reckless accountability of Asif Ali Zardari and for more or less twelve long years he was kept in judicial custody and one after the other case was instituted against Zardari. It was a very embarrassing for Benazir that-in the long run- Zardari came out near the gate of jail after his exoneration from all cases, that an official came hurriedly with a file to make jail superintendent to stall Zardari from going out of jail premises. What was the logic behind this sensational drama. Saif-ur-Rehman knew better to give Zardari a jerking jolt by utter astonishment and cause nervous breakdown phenomenon for him. History of Pakistan is a witness to the sensational dramas, whose, behind the scene, directors were those at the helm of affairs, whose steering motives were only to cause affliction and panic to their enemies. They remained steadfast and hell-bent to not even spare a single moment to go un-availed to screw the political opponents to tighten them in aggravated agony. At that time it seemed that the Ehtisab bureau has been a power tool for political engineering and subjugation of political opponents. Scandalizing and tightening of political enemies was the only agenda of PML(N) government. One point agenda of accountability was drifted towards total annihilation of PPP from the horizon of politics, and to pave way for the one party hegemony in the country-PML(N). The kind of Ehtisab by Saif-ur-Rehman meted out to Sharmillah Farooqi is echoed on the screens, which she herself explained to the viewers.

It is worth mention here that the desire to victimize the political opponents is an indirect endeavour to dig a well for oneself own. With the change of government the same axe falls on the feet of the creator of draconian laws. Any law enacted with populace welfare intent always go ahead because it is based on good will heading towards progress of the society. But when a law is enacted with malafide intent to crucify the opposition, it is not a law, it is a tool designed to incarcerate the specific persons to achieve the nefarious ends. For example section 109 PPC was modified with malafide intent only to send Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to gallows. After having that specific ends fulfilled, the same section 109 PPC was again dashed to the ground and since the judicial assassination of Bhutto even a single offender has not met the fate that had to see Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto-the most talented, God gifted and visioned personality of the world. Enactment of draconian laws only to fix some specific segment of politics is not enactment in its true sense but a victimizing tool in the hands of big wigs of government.

People pinned their hopes that all prevailing laws would be devised to be equally applicable to all but unfortunately the present scenario depicts that NAB is for the PML(N) or PPP stalwarts only to teach them an exemplary lesson, not even a single person of the ruling PTI has been booked under the same law, as being punitive to PML(N) and PPP. Intellectuals and general masses wonder at the itinerary of NAB. They often discuss at their own forums whether NAB is only for PML(N) and PPP. Both the party’s stalwarts are frequently targeted by NAB. A trail of corrupt officers and shameless politicians are still free to continue their corruption and embezzlement, which is not only in millions but in billions, where is the BRT enquiry and other mammoth projects, the cost of which is now multiplied due to the unnecessary and deliberate delay in these projects, caused by the PTI,s favorites and who will stand responsible for the economic loss to the nation?

Have PTI corrupt elements involved in the scams of billions been exonerated or do they enjoy immunity from being tried by NAB? NAB due to its policies has earned the title of a biased institution, which it should rectify itself by all embracing and efficacious uniformity in implementation in a transparent way. The blanket given to the PTI stalwarts sheds an impression that there is something rotten in the state of affairs and the NAB is too affectionate to the ruling Junta.

Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan

The writer is a freelance columnist and independent analyst based in Lahore |