Child Labour is one of the most critical issues in Pakistan. Child Labour is the exploitation of kids through any kind of labor. Children are the most sensitive and most important part of the future of a country. They lost their innocence due to a lot of hard work they would do at a very young age. They worked at the age in which other children are going to school and are enjoying their Childhood.

With the increase in world’s Problem the Increasing rate of Child Labor has also increased to an alarming extent. There are numerous NGOs that are working to eradicate this problem and to raise awareness about this malign issue.

Child labor doesn’t correspond to a single-gender it has oppressed both males and females equally. Both preventive and corrective strategies must be enforced to minimize the effects it has brought into the Society. The government should enforce laws that must be adhered to that must be followed, adapted and complied with at any cost that enforces them not to send their children to work rather to school to get an education. Laws must be made to make sure those families are protected financially who are compelled to work. Parents must be educated about the importance of children’s education and how beneficial It could be for them and their future. Fine and imprisonment must be enforced and applicable if someone found guilty.