LAHORE - Parts of the country including Lahore remained under the grip of cold wave on Tuesday with experts predicting the prevailing harsh weather conditions to persist during the current week.

Snowfall over the hills and continuously blowing strong winds helped maintaining the mercury to a low level, increasing chill in weather during the day and at nighttime.

Skardu and Kalat remained the coldest places in the country where mercury dropped 13 degree Celsius below the freezing point. Minimum temperature in Quetta was recorded -11C, Bagrote -09C, Parachinar -08C, Kalam and Astore -07C, Malamjabba -06C and Dalbandin -05C.

Snowfall (Inches) Murree and Bunji 10each, Astore and Chillas 08each, Chitral 07, Skardu 06, Parachinar, upper Dir and Malamjabba 04each, Drosh and Bagrote 03each, Kalam and Pattan 02each, Mirkhani 01.

Biting cold disturbed routine life as people preferred staying indoors to avoid exposure to harsh weather conditions, decreasing traffic on otherwise busy roads till at noon. Excessive use of heaters at offices and homes led to low gas pressure. In certain areas, house wives faced huge difficulties in cooking meals for families.

According to the experts, continental air is prevailing over most upper parts of the country.

Meteorological department has forecast mainly cold and dry weather for most parts of the country including Lahore during the ongoing week. Fog is likely to prevail in plain areas of south/central Punjab during morning & night.