Walking around I meet thousands of people every day but among those with wet eyes, smiling lips, cold blood are the broken ones. Life seems to be so unfair to them. They are the saddest of all with lots of grieves and sorrows, pain, depression regret, devastation. They are in constant state of doing comparison of their life with others and their life becomes a question mark as a whole.

Comparison is a good thing if it is taken positively for the purpose off improvement but if you compare and get depressed then you need to count your blessings first. ALLAH Almighty has blessed us with so many things and there are a lot of people who are begging for the basic necessities of life. Comparison in adverse senses will destroy our life and will affect our skills adversely.

This life is a gift and you must take advantage of it. No matter what the situation is, what you are going through, you are not alone in this. Don’t let others drag you down by their words. Getting yourself in comparison with the luxuries of others will destroy your life and personality. Stay strong and have faith. Goods days will come, pieces of your broken heart will be fixed, happiness will come to you, just have patience. Try to make that fake smile on your lips become real, your life is precious don’t sacrifice it.