KARACHI               -         The National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) has performed first “His Bundle Pacing” procedure in Pakistan. This was performed for two male patients by NICVD team, led by Dr Azam Shafqat (Professor of Cardiac Electrophysiology, NICVD), Dr Faisal Qadir (Assistant Professor of Cardiac Electrophysiology, NICVD) and Dr Rehan Karim (EP Consultant, University of Minnesota, USA). Talking to the media, Dr Azam Shafquat, Dr Faisal Qadir and Dr Rehan Karim said that the procedures were performed successfully without any complications.  The patients, Noor-ud-din, aged 45, and Shamim Baig, aged 80, were admitted to NICVD for heart failure and slow heartbeat rate, respectively. They had ‘His Bundle Pacemaker’ implanted. Both patients are recovering fast and will be discharged soon.  The doctors explained that the heart had an electrical system that made it contract regularly. If the electrical system is damaged the heart muscles become very uncoordinated and weak. “In ‘HIS bundle pacing’, we placed a wire into the natural electrical system of the heart, and connected it to a pacemaker battery so that the natural electrical system could start working again and heart muscles become coordinated and stronger. We hope that the patients’ heart functioning will improve after this procedure,” they said. Appreciating NICVD’s team, Professor Nadeem Qamar (Executive Director, NICVD) said that NICVD had achieved another milestone by performing “HIS Bundle Pacing Procedure” for the first time in the country. “National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases has become one of the best tertiary cardiac care hospitals in the world,” he added.