Everyone knows that the physical fitness is very important for the healthy lifestyle. But obesity has become a very major issue in the world. About 39 percent of the population of the world is obese. The rate is increasing day by day because of the increasing food industry and lack of the exercise or physical training. If you want a healthy lifestyle then you have to remain physically active all the time to boost up your health, it will also improve the quality of life by letting go of stress, anxiety or depression, it will also give you mental relief. If you remain idle or physically inactive then in the near future you will be welcoming obesity along with many health problems like loss of muscle strength, stamina or energy and it will also lead to cardiovascular diseases. So, if you remain physically active it will help in the good circulation of the blood and will increase your energy level and you will not be facing any disease in the future.

If you are physically fit you have a longer life span than those who are not healthy or who are obese, because obesity leads to aging. So, if you want to enjoy life in its fullest you have to remain energetic and physically active all the time. It will also effect on your mood and attitude; you will be having fresh mood and positive attitude all the time if you are physically fit. That is why you have to make Physical Activity as a part of your life.