One of the most sad reasons of the lack of confidence in students is favoritism. Some students, despite of being so intelligent cannot make it to the mark just because of lack of confidence. A sad reality of our education system is that students are judged and not taught. Only those students get chance of exposure who have spark in them whereas those students who are in-confident do not get the chance just because they have never done things before and the thought that they will not do it perfectly. Every person gets a different kind of environment in their homes. And that is where , their traits develop. Not everyone is given a freedom of choice in their environment. So not every student is confident. So how will they get it? And how will they develop traits of being a good student and then a good businessman or entrepreneur? Or being able to earn with confidence of taking risks, to communicate etc? Our teachers , supervisors prefer those students who can make every activity best. Because they do not have to put hard work in extra affairs. And they prefer students who always flatter them. Not all teachers are like that. But some of them really are and they do a lot bad to their responsibilities and to the students.

A best teacher is the one who brings out the best in his students and make a student like he was never before. Only a teacher can bring confidence in his students and make him upto the mark. A real challenge for a teacher is to develop a diamond from charcoal. He has the authority and power to make a student best version of himself, give him the freedom of speech and make him being able to talk on any topic. A teacher should in-fact point out less active students and give them tasks to accomplish. Sometimes a spark only needs a platform to burn. Likewise an in-confident students just need a chance and appreciation to prove his hidden talent and inner spark. To indulge an in-confident student in extra affairs and making them best is the real effort and challenge. Any person cannot learn anything until he or she practices it. Public speech and stage phobia are the two main phobias , students have. They can only be cured by giving such students chances and confidence from their mentors that they can do it for sure.