KARACHI              -           People, from different age groups, could be witnessed basking in the sun, enjoying pleasant warmth and braving the chill in the air on Tuesday.

Early morning temperature that dipped to 9 degrees centigrade made a difficult start of the day for a vast majority of the port city inhabitants, used to moderate temperatures and pleasant winters.

“The current winters are quite tough as weather forecast warning steady drop in the mercury complimented by Siberian winds has, and may further turn the situation harsh,” said Akhlaq Ahmad, a senior citizen.

Ahmed, however, was happy that shinning sun despite certain haze and cold wave was providing much-needed relief to the aged people like him.

He was equally worried about the expected decline in temperature to seven degrees centigrade by evening advising people of the metropolis to remain cautious of the weather turning unpredictable over the years.

Pakistan Meteorological Department’s Karachi office spokesman, while confirming that a fresh wave of bitterly cold wave had arrived in the metropolis, said this would persist for more than a week.

Winds blowing at more than 10 Km speed per hour with zero percent precipitation and humidity around 23 percent had largely turned the mid day quite pleasant, but only to those working outdoors.

“I feel that we the Karachiites too would have to arrange heaters as a regular household item,” said Mrs Zarina Sarwar, a school teacher.

Mentioning that attendance of young students at her institution had been low for the past many days, she said morning and evening hours were unbearably cold even for middle-aged people like her.

A representative of Karachi Private Schools Association said that while winter vacations had ended several days ago, yet the academic session, after the seasonal break, could not be resumed to its optimum.

 “We have opened our schools and started with regular classes, but there are significant number of parents who are not sending their children to schools due to weather,” he said.