The use of social media can bring both the positive and negative aspects in our lives. The positive aspect counts for the community to raise their voice at any cause independently without fearing anything and to be well aware of all the events happening around the globe. Though it may bring a lot of positivity in people’s lives as it brings more joy and convenience, but it has some harm as well. Nowadays, people are obsessed by the use of social media because mostly people only post about the happy moments they spent while having dinner in a fancy hotel or maybe about the lavish wedding they attended last night. No one reveals and posts about the sad moments. This has affected the generation as it bring anxiety, stress and jealousy factors in our lives and what’s the most alarming thing is that we don’t even realize it.

The more likes you get, the more you are socially accepted and well respected in the society. It’s sad to realize that we are so much obsessed with social media that as long as we do not see our cell phones to check newsfeed on Facebook or messages on Whatsapp; we seem to be missing something in our lives. That’s actually the harsh reality, people need to stop showing off on social media as there are other people who may not have the basic needs to fulfill their dreams. Social media platform should only be used to bring a sense of harmony among the nation.