Having a largest Young aged Population that is about 64%. According to a Survey, Pakistan has the tendency to take up challenges that are faced by Modern world but here comes the crucial part of Pakistan’s Education System that has been the same since Inception and hasn’t changed. According to the rigorous changes in the world’s Education system that has adapted a format of Technical Education along with the Traditional Education.

Even after graduating, Students are unskilled they have Knowledge but they are unskilled. If that part Is added to the curriculum, this would add a lot benefit to the student’s Profile.

Mere focus of Today’s Education System is Book based approach where only students are admired who have a first hand book Knowledge and they are evaluated according to that.

Technical Education will enhance the level of knowledge a person has when utilized. This will help in Poverty eradication, Economic Recovery & Sustainable Growth. With the help of Technical Education along with Traditional Education System, Students can gain more Knowledge and more over a better understanding about the subject matter.