Lavishly spending on marriages is on vogue these days. Lavishly decorated Banquet halls are nothing but a vulgar show of wealth. People are wasting their money on decorating these Banquet Halls. Lavish spending on marriages gives birth to many social evils. Most of the people of the country still live in the most backward areas of the world with the scarcity of the daily requirements of life while a small number of people are busy in the most extravagant display of wealth. First, it creates unnecessary competition and heart burning amongst the members of society. Second, parents take heavy loans just to be on par with their families and persons living near. This way they come under the clutches of the bankers and have to carry the burden of the repayment of loan till their death. Third, for a day’s show, life-long sufferings are invited. This is creating a gap between rich and poor classes and poor people are suffering a lot from this show off. In a society, the social practices are the representative of the society’s culture. If they are based on high moral values the culture is considered to be rich. But, the marriage system we have been talking about is neither the representative of our culture nor they possess such moral values that can make the culture seem rich. Income Tax department should take necessary steps to keep check on the people who are spending a lot of money on their marriages and government must impose restrictions on this show off.