ISLAMABAD-The Aaap Communications on Tuesday held the showcasing ceremony of their project “Our Visionary Champions”.

The project was aimed to inspire visually impaired students through leadership training workshops conducted by high achievers from the visually impaired community in four cities of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The project was funded by Ambassador’s Fund Grant Programme of USAID.

The project began with call for applications from the special education institutes to nominate high achievers from the visually impaired community.

Around eight top achievers (four men, four women) namely Dr. Raja Amir Hanif, Saima Arshad, Salman Khalid, Shamsa Kanwal, Irum Shabbir, Suleman Arshad, Sher Bahadur Afridi and Rubina Shad were selected as champions. The four teams of one male and one female champion were formed to visit six blind schools, in four cities of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where these visually impaired champions inspired several visually handicapped children with their stories of struggle, courage, determination and success.

Ammar Masood, CEO Aaap Communications said in his address that this is a unique project and we hope it brings a positive change to the visually challenged students.

He also said that it was a limited scale project, but we hope to expand it to every blind school in the country.