ISLAMABAD - The skyrocketing inflation has crumbled the poor labourers that could be seen sitting idle almost at every chowk of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, waiting for labour from dawn to dusk. TheNation observed in a visit that poor 'daily wages' workers sitting leisure waiting for people who will come and let give them some work, which was the only way to cope with soaring inflation. It has been noted that their incomes were much low in this age of inflation to meet their soul and body together. Every labourer along with his tools' bag rushed towards the nearby chowk with the crack of dawn to earn some livelihood for his children but shocked when return home at afternoon with clean gadgets. As sun rises, there emerged a great rush of labourers in Karachi Company, Aabpara, Rana Market, Melody Market, Iqbal Market, Polyclinic, Peshawar Mor, Liaquat Road (Raja Bazaar), Chur Chowk, Pir Wadahi Bus Stand, Marir Chowk, Motorway Interchange and many other local chowks, seeking for work to save the day for their children. These were the spots (chowk) where they sit with the hope of getting some work. While talking to TheNation some of the labourers lamented that it has become impossible for them to arrange the two-time meal for their families owing to the high inflation.  It has also been observed that some educated persons were sitting at these sites seeking for work. A labourer, Nadeem told this scribe that he had done graduation but unemployment with soaring inflation has forced him to work with mason. "Government should take measures to control the jinni of inflation, which is forcing people to commit suicides," he added. Several manual workers (labourers) start begging in the evening with the basket of tools in their hands, claiming they had not met labour and was the only breadwinner of their families. Responding to a query, Akram (45) is begging at Sohan area, said that his five children were waiting for meal but he could not earn single penny the whole day. He described that his income was very low as compared to the prices of daily use commodities that were touching sky. "Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP)'s slogans of providing 'Roti', Kapra' oure 'Makan' to masses has proved wrong as people have further been plunged into deep crises by rising the prices of daily use items," said Salamat Khan, a labourer waiting for work at Rana Market. While describing his ordeal, he said when he did not find work, his children screamed from hunger but he could not do anything for them but only to console them. "My earnings cannot match the inflation rate, it is very low as I cannot save anything for my family, even unable to send children to school," he lamented. Most of the labourers, residents of Kachi Abadies were seeing worried owing to rainy season because halt in construction work also stop their work. They have no second alternative to fill the bellies of their children. The deprived labourers demanded of the government to take some immediate steps to check the rising inflation.