THE Mediterranean Union, a recently formed group of 43 nations, which met in Paris on Sunday made a highly welcome call for a Middle East that was free of the weapons of mass destructions. The declaration issued at the end of the summit failed, however, to indicate how the union would set about putting the vision into reality. The presence of Israel in the group, which is in possession of a large nuclear arsenal and is equipped with the delivery system, makes the expressed intent as a mere wish. It is ironical indeed that although having a nuclear muscle itself, it has vehemently criticised Iran's nuclear programme because the thought of sharing 'the prized possession' appears most galling to its leadership. For this reason, it would be loath to get rid of its nuclear stockpile. It has been pushing the US to attack Iran to demolish its nuclear sites. The Union can only hope to create a 'Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction' if Israel agrees to dispose of its stockpile. That could also set a good example for the nuclear weapons states to follow.