US Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher's meeting with Nawaz Sharif has held important implications. It has been reported that Boucher has candidly told the head of PML-N to leave Musharraf alone giving him the choice of when he wants to quit. This is sensible advice to which Mr. Sharif should have paid heed a long time back. Mr Sharif's grudge against Musharraf is rather personal. The country is facing problems internally as well as externally. Personal politics does not help matters much. The masses are sick and tired of the way political parties have been handling the situation. Musharraf has allowed political parties complete freedom and has not interfered in any way. He is fulfilling his constitutional role as president and should therefore be given the opportunity to do so. The sooner Mr. Sharif realizes this the better it will be for him. -DAWOOD SHAKIL, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, July 2.