ISLAMABAD  - The Capital Development Authority's plan to install a chair lift from Margalla Hills National Park to Shakarparian has yet to take shape despite the passage of more than two and half years of its planning. The Authority has planned to install the chair lift a couple of years ago, to provide an opportunity to the visitors particularly during the winter season when some parts of the Margalla Hills are snow-capped. A senior CDA official said Monday that the Interior Ministry had also sanctioned the fund of more or less Rs300 million for the project but it could not take shape due to one or the other reason. The Authority had planned to install the chair lift from Margalla Hills National Park to Makhiala Peak, a beautiful viewpoint at the hills. The four-kilometer cableway would have 50 to 60 cable cars. The ministry had planned to launch the project within a year but could not make its words despite the passage of a couple of years. The project was to be completed within a year but red tape impeded to the execution of the project. He said the Authority had also conducted a survey across the twin cities and majority of the people interviewed had favored the project. "It would be icing on cake if the CDA provides the facility of chair lift on the hills giving a charming look during the rainy days," said the official. He said one of the reasons behind the delay of the project was that the security agencies had shown their reservations on the project, because it might have created some security risks in the federal capital. "There were two proposals for installing the chair lift from Shakarparian to Rawal Dam and Pir Sohawa to Japanese Park to provide recreational facilities to people but due to security reasons, both plans are in the doldrums," he said. The official said police and district administration had some reservations on the installation of chairlift from Pir Sohawa to Japanese Park, therefore, the proposals remained unimplemented. He said the Authority is also scared of the criticism from the so-called environmentalists and NGOs as it had experienced in the past when the Authority chopped thousands of trees during the construction of main avenues. The official said some other related issues are also hindering the project, as it would cause traffic congestion on the nearby Margalla Road, leading to the destruction of the peace of the residents. He said Pakistan Environment Protection Agency has also opposed the plan terming it an environment hazard because a number of trees would have to be axed.