KARACHI - Members of the City Council have taken up the issue of recent hike in the price of general commodities including the kitchen items and other items of daily use of items. The City Council meeting was held under the chair of Naib City Nazim Nasreen Jalil on Monday. A resolution was tabled in the session to discuss unprecedented price-hike and members agreed to adopt a joint strategy to control skyrocketing prices of food items. Earlier, a resolution on the restoration of OZT was approved unanimously through a resolution tabled by treasury member Mirza Afaq Baig. The members of the city council demanded of the Sindh government through a resolution that during the last three months, the grant of UC funds which had been withheld by the government, should be released so that the 178 UCs could get rid of the prevailing financial crisis. Afaq Baig informed the house that during the last three months, provincial government has deducted Rs 42 million of the UCs in the city causing hurdles to run the UC affairs as they are facing financial crisis. However, hot debate ensued among the treasury and opposition members and both levelled allegations against each other on the cut in the OZT and single line transfer funds. Opposition leader Jumman Darwarn said that his faction had supported the demand to increase the monthly UC funds from Rs 0.2 million to Rs 0.5 million. But the city government did not release the UC funds during the last three years, he said. On the occasion, treasury member Waqar Hussain offered that a committee should be formed comprising of members of the city council and journalists to visit the UCs belonging to opposition members so that they could witness the situation. Opposition leader Dr Ziauddin responded that in his UC, development work had been done in the areas of the MQM vote-bank. Another resolution tabled on the issued of hike in the prices of essential commodities. A treasury member said that despite massive burden on the economy and financial crisis in the country, four persons were getting the protocol of PM causing millions of rupees to the national exchequer while people were committing suicides due to hunger. An opposition member said that when nation was crying for cheap flour and other commodities, expenditures on the luxuries of government high ups were going to stratosphere. Later, the meeting was adjourned till 17th July.