LAHORE - President Pakistan Kissan Movement, Ch Ashfaq has strongly criticized the non-availability of fertilizer in the market by saying that the shortage would badly affect the yields of different agricultural crops. He said this while completing the tour of Punjab and while arriving at Lahore and talking to newsmen said that the farmers are running from pillar to post to find fertilizer but certain black marketers and dealers of fertilizer have hidden their fertilizer stocks in their secret godowns and are indulging into black marketing, demanding high prices like Rs.50 70 extra on each fertilizer bag. Now the situation is that poor farmers standing crops like sugarcane, plantation of cotton and rice are planted without fertilizer and wheat yields the farmers would get that worries me. He appealed to the PM and CM Punjab to take strict action against such black market mafia by recovering the hidden fertilizer out of the godowns of the mafia in order to ensure availability and supply of this commodity in the market so as to enable the farmers to get at the Government announced rates. He also apprehended that if this situation continued, resultantly next year there are chances of serious crisis, which would not be only in food but in all agriculture commodities as their yields would considerably drop. The country might get into another agricultural crisis. In order to avert such crisis govt should move fast to control the fertilizer prices by taking strict action against the fertilizer factory owners and fertilizer dealers so as to save the farmers from the clutches of such elements who are bent upon sucking the blood of poor farmers.