THE attack on pro-Indian Kashmiri leaders Omer Abdullah and Mahbooba Mufti by protestors commemorating the July 31 Martyr's Day when in 1931 the Maharaja executed 21 Kashmiris signifies not only that the people continue to see the Indians as usurpers but also that the liberation movement remains strong. Both the leaders managed to escape unharmed; however they could not deliver their speeches. This comes just on the heels of one the largest pro-independences protests when the people had come out in large numbers against the transfer of a big chunk of land by the Indian government to a Hindu Shrine Board for building temporary structures for Yatrees. Meanwhile, Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan has said that decisions about Kashmir would have to be taken, which might not be liked by many. Though he did not specifically state that he was taking a new line, his tone implied a shift. Considering the will of the people to fight indefinitely for their right of self-determination, any solution inimical to them should not be expected to bear fruit. The fury of protestors against Mr Abdullah moreover bears testimony to the fact that the Indians cannot suppress the will of the people. As the history of independence movement shows, there is no way the people can be coerced into subjection. The only solution to the dispute is to respect their wishes and go for implementing the UN resolutions.