Since February 18, 2008, the slogan "supremacy of the parliament" is in the market. This is a favorite saying of those in our newly formed government. Unfortunately though, the nation has not yet seen any real example of it. An un-elected person has all the authority and is making decisions out of the parliament. We don't have an elected member of parliament for ministry of interior, which is a key portfolio especially in the current situation. The ministry is working under an un-elected advisor. The man of all decisions, the co-chairperson of PPP, is visiting abroad and meeting various heads of states without the prime minister. In what capacity, nobody knows. A recent decision about operation in tribal areas was made with out so much as consulting the parliament. Our new government should remember that actions speak louder than words. -NAILA SIDDIQUI, Karachi via e-mail, via e-mail, July 1.