ISLAMABAD  - Barrister Iqbal Jaffrey, the counsel for Dr A Q Khan, has said that the issue of the renowned nuclear scientists should be resolved amicably otherwise many "dignitaries" will be exposed and it will open up a new Pandora's box. He was talking to the journalists after his meeting with Dr A Q Khan at the latter's residence here Monday. "I would request Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court that I along with Attorney General be heard in chamber so that any amicable solution to this issue is found and we are saved from any legal proceedings. I wanted to tell you I had gone to the high court and chief justice of Islamabad High Court had ordered the law ministry to file report in the court on the questions raised by me and a copy be sent to me in advance", he told. Barrister Jaffrey complained neither the report had been furnished nor any advance copy had been provided to him. "I had filed application in the court that president Musharraf and Rehman A Malik be also made respondent so that factual position could come to light ", he told. He indicated Dr A Q Khan's health was deteriorating day by day as he is now 72 years old. "The scientist was of the view that he should be freed when government was repeatedly saying he was free. He should be taken to the position what he held four and half years back. He should be provided security wherever he goes", Jaffery demanded. "I have sent a letter to general Kidvai. I will provide copies of this letter to media. General Kidvai cannot reject the points I have raised in the letter. Bugging devices are still installed in Dr A Q Khan's residence and these be removed immediately", Jaffery underscored.