LAHORE- Lawyers in the city while continuing their protest over the as yet not affected restoration of the deposed judges Monday largely shifted the blame in this respect to the sitting government from Pervez Musharraf. Lawyers in majority now opine that the sitting government is not willing to restore the judges when it is just a hand away from it in view of majority membership in the National Assembly. They feel the ruling class is trying to put the restoration issue in the backburner in the same fashion as it has done about the release of Pakistan nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and about redressing main problems of the masses within the first 100 days of the government. Initially lawyers had pinned high hopes in the government that it would not only solve the masses problems but would also address the burning issues on priority basis so that the system could go on smoothly. But it has failed to deliver on all counts, said member Pakistan Bar Council Hafiz Abdul Rahman Ansari. After political commitment for the restoration of judges within first 30 days of the Federal government, the lawyers had visualized the government as seriously coming up with the solution of basic issues to infuse a confidence in the masses about the resolution of other problems, like price-hike, unemployment, law and order and others, but it had failed to address any one, said former president Lahore Bar Association, Zafar Iqbal Kalanuri adding not only lawyers but the masses were getting disappointment with the performance of the govt with every passing day. Muhammad Atir Mahmood says previously the lawyers and the masses mainly targeted Pervez Musharraf for hampering the reinstatement of judges but now they strongly feel that the ruling clique was not sincere in this regard. He said it was quite astonishing that the country was in the grip of very serious problems but the leadership was least bother about the same and was busy in foreign visits. Chairman Save Judiciary Committee, Abdul Qureshi adding to the already growing desperation has foreseen the coalition of PPP and PML-N not going much longer in the future. The coalition is quite unnatural and is studded with huge differences between Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif on a number of issues including restoration of judges, impeachment of Pervez Musharraf as President, Fata operation, and others. In his view, Nawaz Sharif is pulling up with the coalition against his will. Therefore the early he left the coalition and lead the Opposition, the better it would be for the country, he added. Another Jahangir Ashraf Vaince says the present government is totally at the mercy of Pervez Musharraf who can now pack it up any moment. As to the coalition, he says, it is a showpiece as Asif Ali Zardari is a partner of Pervez Musharraf and not of Nawaz Sharif who, he added, is being stuck in the coalition by certain quarters who claim themselves his well wishers. He said the people now witnessed that those who were previously making full-throated slogans of 'go-Musharraf-go', are now his staunch supporter. He said as long as the people of 'public mandate' would stay in power, neither Musharraf would go nor the judges would be restored. He said just in three months the people have begun to hate the rulers so strongly that if they failed to see reason now the masses would come out against them on the street. Meanwhile, lawyers at the protest camp of the Save Judiciary Committee at the Lahore High Court Bar chanted loud slogans against the inefficiency of the government to restore the judges, and release Dr Khan. The participants also including Muhammad Tahir Ch, Hafiz Abdul Rahman Ansari, Imtiaz Rashid Qureshi, Shumaila Khatak, Zakria Butt and others, condemned the government decision of shelving the Kalabagh Dam.