PPP vice chairman Makhdoom Amin Fahim has stated that the PPP has lost popularity only three months after coming into power. The senior PPP leader is clearly disappointed with the situation prevailing in the country. Clearly, the masses are also feeling a growing dissatisfaction with increase in prices and the disturbing law and order situation. The senior party leaders have been sidelined and there is no element of consensus in the party itself. Mr Faheem rightly laments that if he can be ignored after 40 years, it shows how the PPP rewards its loyalists. In its fourth term in power, the party has shown an inability to solve the problems being faced by the masses. Will the so-called constitutional package solve the problems faced by the people? Unlikely say observers. What is required is some package whereby the common man can benefit and is not burdened with further problems. How Benazir would have handled the situation if alive? The question might be hypothetical but is very relevant. -SARDAR ALI, Peshawar, via e-mail, July 2.