KARACHI - MQM chief Altaf Hussain has lauded the Awami National Party (ANP) for forming defence committees in NWFP against Talibanisation adding that the people of Sindh would also form "defence committees" to save Karachi from Talibanisation. He said that MQM would encourage and support the area residents in forming defence committees. He termed that Karachiites and people of Sindh reject imposition of baton-wielding and self imposed Shariat and Talibanisation in Karachi. MQM will encourage and support the area residents in forming defence committees. "MQM and its leadership have always kept the public well-informed of future threats and apprehensions," he added. He was expressing his views while simultaneously addressing meetings of Defence Clifton Residents Committee and Society Residents Committee. The meetings were also attended by members of MQM Coordination Committee, provincial ministers, members of national and provincial assemblies. He said that billions of dollars of investment is being shifted from Pakistan to abroad. As a result our currency is weakening against dollar day-by-day. All stock exchange markets of the country including the Karachi Stock Exchange are falling down. Industries including the textile industry are closing down. Inflation is on the all time high and as a result of unemployment, people are compelled to commit suicide or sell their children. He said that soon after the February 18 elections, the people of Pakistan took a sigh of relief and hoped that everything would be fine, peace would be established and the law and order situation would improve. Instead kidnapping for ransom, robbery, street crimes had been increased manifold as compared to the past, he said. Altaf said that he had keep giving on warning of the potential threats at our borders. Anything can happen if the government fails to tackle the law and order, control the increasing activities of Talibanisation in tribal areas, control the suicide attacks; and address the issues in FATA, tribal areas, North and South Waziristan. Large number of people including Taliban members from these areas are coming to Karachi and illegally occupying vacant properties and land. This is a well-planned conspiracy to Talibanise Karachi. He commented that the angels would not come on earth to protect the people of Karachi. He emphasised that his fears are coming true and the danger has already entered the city. Recently, the Taliban have pasted posters in different parts of the City and warned the truck drivers to not transport fuel to Nato forces. They have threatened to burn such trucks and beheaded its drivers. He said that if the US attacks Pakistan than the influx to Karachi would increase. The City's outskirts today are surrounded by population and seminaries on illegally encroached lands. We are Muslims and will remain Muslims till our last breath. And, therefore, we reject the imposition of Taliban Shariat, suicide Shariat, baton-wielding Shariat or self-imposed version of Shariat. The very same people are involved in criminal activities such as kidnapping for ransom, robbery and street crimes. With every passing day these criminals are getting more and more encouraged as no action is being taken against them. This is the question of security and safety for our coming generations. We must now without wasting any more time establish 'chawkidari' system in our areas and hold community meetings to communicate with each other. He appealed to all the Haq Parast elected representatives including the members of national assembly, members of provincial assembly and town nazims to co-ordinate with residents and make regular visits to hold meetings. In unity there lies victory - with change in our thinking process a lot will change.