LAHORE - The existing deteriorating condition of the country indicates that the state is stepping down to extinction. However, by seeing the adolescent scholars getting education from the Nazriati Summer School, a ray of optimism, it is felt that we have reached a peninsula after bewildering in a desert where future of the country would be in safe hands. These views were expressed by the speakers from the Tehrik-e-Pakistan Workers Trust. Col (R) Jamshed Ahmad Tareen, Syed Ahmad Saeed Kirmani, Col (R) Ikramullah, Begum Khalida Muniruddin Chughtai, Zafarullah Khan and Prof Dr Rafiq Ahmad while addressing young students on the 18th day of the Nazriati Summer School here on Monday at Aiwan-e-Karkunan-e-Tehrik-e-Pakistan held under the aegis of the Nazaria Pakistan Trust (NPT) in collaboration with the Tehrik-e-Pakistan Workers Trust. Col (R) Jamshed said that the establishment of the Nazriati Summer School was a laudable service of Chairman NPT Majid Nizami, wherein over 250 students from various educational institutions were being taught on Pak ideology education. He advised the children to get education and work hard, as they would have to reigns the country in accordance with the teachings of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Ahmad Saeed Kirmani said that Pakistan was created so that Muslims could lead their lives according to the teachings of Islam otherwise the hypocrite, Hindus, wanted to keep Muslims slave. We should thank Almighty Allah who bestowed us Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah whose wise guidance achieved separate homeland for the Muslims of the sub-continent, he added. He told the students that when the historical Pakistan Resolution was passed in 1940 at Minto Park, Lahore, he was present there as an onlooker. He said it was miraculous that Pakistan came into being just after seven years struggle of Muslims under the leadership of the Quaid-i-Azam. Col (R) Ikramullah said he was thankful to the administration of the Nazriati Summer School who had assembled a platform for the old and young to exchange their views. He said most of the historians had declared the Quaid-i-Azam as the top political leader and statesman of the world. Zafarullah Khan said that Pakistan was not only a name of geographical boundaries but also a name of notion and ideology. He said first ideological state in the world history came into being in Madina Munawwarah and second was Pakistan in the sub-continent. He said both Hindus and British ridiculed the Muslims of the sub-continent, Britishers feared that Muslims would again grab the government while Hindus helped the British empire as they wanted to take revenge of Muslims' one millennium rule over the Hindu domination. NPT Vice-Chairman Prof Dr Rafiq Ahmad while describing an incident of his school days said that he along with other students tried to participate in the March 23, 1940 meeting that was addressed by the Quaid-i-Azam. To meet the expenses of the Muslim League, organisers were charging Rs 2 as entry fees. "We all students haven't had any money to enter the meeting venue and felt disgruntled and waited for the Quaid's arrival. When the Quaid arrived, we presented our problem. Upon this, he ordered to the organisers to permit all the youth to enter the venue free. But now, Dr Rafiq Ahmad said, it was our duty to love Pakistan and implement the sayings of the Quaid-i-Azam with love and spirit. Begum Khalida Chughtai also spoke on the occasion. Aghi programme We are lucky that we are living in a country, which was created on two-nation theory. As such there is no difference between our national and religious faith. This was stated by Maulana Mohammad Asif Nomani, Adminsitrator Madrassah Tehviz-ul-Quran Nizamia, Qadria Auqaf Colony, Nabi Park, Ravi Road, while addressing a ceremony organised by the Nazaria Pakistan Trust's (NPT) Aghi programme on Monday. Qari Khalid Mehmood, Qari Abdur Rashid and Maulana Talib Hussain also addressed while Incharge Aghi programme Prof M Saeed Sheikh also delivered a lecture on two-nation theory. He also distributed prizes among the students for correct recitation of verses of Allama Iqbal. Saeed also gave a set of books to the Madrassah library.