Mr Zardari never tires of the rhetoric of helping the poor masses but his regime has just hiked the price of CNG. He gave immediate reprieve to the stock exchange broker mafia that called on him a day before the so-called 'people's budget' was announced but finds no reason to save the middle class taxpayers who use CNG vehicles and public transport. It was Shaukat Aziz and Musharraf who previously obliged the billionaire stockbrokers by delaying the CVT. Meanwhile Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry continues to be denied his rightful assumption of office, because he had won the hearts and minds of the people by giving them relief. Had Benazir Bhutto been alive the policies of the PPP would definitely have been pro poor, instead of pro big business, who mint billions but always demand tax relief. In just four months of this government's tenure, Zardari Sahib has spent almost 40% of his time abroad, which by any standard is unacceptable for a man who makes most of the major decisions here. The Prime Minister is just a proxy filling in for him. -S. KHALIL, Dubai, UAE, via e-mail, July 1.