LAHORE - The November 3 PCO by General Pervez Musharraf has produced a 'subservient' judiciary whereof confidence of the foreign investors has been badly shaken and has crippled economy of the country. A sovereign and strong Parliament is out of question without an independent judiciary which has also to play a pivotal role in bringing true democracy in the country, said president Supreme Court Bar Association Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan while addressing a seminar organised by Pakistan Judicial Crisis Management Committee on the subject 'Role of Lawyers' Movement and Independence of Judiciary' here Monday. President Lahore High Court Bar Association Anwar Kamal, former president LHCBA Pir Kaleem Ahmad Khursheed, president Lahore Bar Association Manzoor Qadir and chairman of the committee Shafqat Mahmood Choudhan were the other speakers at the seminar. Aitzaz Ahsan said the removal of over 60 judges of the superior courts in one stroke had badly tarnished the image of our judiciary as an independent institution as a consequence of which, he added, foreign investment, a key factor in bolstering economy of a country has come to a halt. He said when the impression of 'vulnerable to pressure' about the judges had been established after they had taken oath under the PCO, no investor would trust the judicial system and risk investing in the country. Resultantly the country is facing the present serious economic crunch and a miserable life of the people. He said in Europe judiciary was made independent three centuries before the democracy came there and he questioned, how the prime minister can claim sovereignty of the Parliament when the judiciary was dependent. He said independent judiciary comes through the judges having independent mind and how one can become so after a long detention as was the case with Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry along with his family members. He said a judge in that state of mind would even fear an ordinary officer. He maintained that judiciary would be called independent only if November 2 judiciary is back to their office. He called upon the government to restore that judiciary at the earliest keeping in view the larger public interest. Justify the drop scene of the long march in Islamabad on June 14 last, Aitzaz said, some elements under the cover of long march were on the prowl to damage the Parliament while the government itself wanted to give the lawyers maximum stay to wait for any untoward incident. He said had there been any unruly scene and damage to the Parliament, the first name in the FIR would be that of Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. He said the lawyers movement had gained much more strength after the long march and July 19 All Pakistan Lawyers Representatives Convention in Lahore would decide 'time and action' to further the movement. Aitzaz said lawyers were out to change the history for which they had to show patience and steadfastness for the course is long and tough. He said his Bar would suggest to the convention to approve two-hour sit on every Thursday at the level of every Bar throughout the country to convey a definite message to the rulers that lawyers were not fatigue and weary but alive and energetic as they were on day one. He said if need arose the lawyers could call more long marches but before that they have to do a lot. Aitzaz warned any deposed judge not to accept reinstatement in the office without Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, adding that any judge doing the same would be deemed a PCO judge. He concluded his address on a strong note that lawyers' movement would go on until judges are restored to the office. Manzoor Qadir in his address asked the ruling coalition to restore the judges, otherwise the lawyers would 'make them go before making Musharraf go.' A resolution was also passed on the occasion for restoring the judges through an executive order and to reject the constitutional package and also to hold sit-in before the Parliament by each Bar of the country on every Thursday.  In order to honour the deposed judges, two minutes' standing ovation was accorded to them by the audience.