LAHORE  - In a joint statement, Air League of PIAC Employees (CBA) President M Rasheed and General Secretary Maqbool Hussain Butt have said that some forces are again trying to usurp the rights of contract employees of PIA. They expressed their concern over the recruitment advertisement in a section of press on July 5 demonstrating postal address as Ministry of Defense whereas PIA had its own employment section where employment applications received as per routine. Peoples Unity, they blamed, paving way for MNA quotas and erecting hurdles in union restoration way while pressing hard Ministry of Labour for not announcing the verdict in this regard, he added.  He said Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, while addressing inaugural address in National Assembly, had announced for the restoration of Unions' activities in all the departments including PIA.  But the fact is that no notification has so far been issued for PIA in this regard. That is why, it has become impossible for union to protect the rights of PIA employees, he added. He said administration has not been raising salaries for PIA employees since last ten years, which is creating chaos amongst employees. Besides this, contractual staff of PIA also waiting anxiously for their confirmation letters, he added.