HANGU - The security forces on Monday targeted the alleged militants' suspected hideouts in Zargari area amid hectic efforts of the traditional Jirga for peace in the area. "The suspected hideouts of the militants in the surrounding mountains and unpopulated areas have been targeted with artillery," local officials said. However, details of the casualties from both the sides could not be ascertained. Meanwhile, efforts for peace in the area are still continuing and the local people have constituted 100-member Jirga, headed by former MNA Akhunzada Mohammad Siddique, for reconciliation between the administration and the militants. Apart from that a 70-member Jirga from Aurakzai Agency is also making efforts to hold peace talks between the government and the militants for reconciliation. Before leaving for an undisclosed location in the adjacent tribal area, Akhunzada Mohammad Siddique, while confirming his contacts with militants, revealed that the militants have agreed to set free 40 hostages, in their captivity, in lieu of the release of their seven colleagues, arrested by Dawaba Police, stoppage of attacks on them and troops pullout from the area. Pir Haider Ali Shah, MNA from Hangu, while confirming the efforts for peace talks, said that Jirga has already gone to the adjacent tribal area from Hangu for holding dialogues with militant leaders. Moreover, situation in Hangu and some other nearby areas is highly precarious and hundreds of families have fled the area amid curfew for safer places. It is worth mentioning here that a large number of criminals, according to local people, have penetrated into the ranks of Taliban and are actively engaged in criminal acts, including attacking the security forces and damaging the government installations. Our Monitoring Desk adds: After taking control of a Frontier Constabulary check-post at the Shinawari Fort in Hangu, Taliban exploded it using explosives, reported a private TV channel late on Monday. Five FC personnel deployed on the post were made hostages and deprived of their weapons. However, they were given a safe passage later on. Taliban had warned the FC personnel two days ago to quit the check-post.   Mohammad Ashfaq from Peshawar adds: Openly defying the writ of the government, Tehreek Taliban Pakistan's Mohmand Agency chapter has announced the establishment of Sharia Courts with Qazi Mohammad Syed as the Chief Justice. Spokesman of TTP, Mohmand Agency chapter, Dr Asad Monday informed that there would be five Sharia courts in all over the Agency. "One will be the Agency Court whereas the remaining four will be established at tehsil level," he added. He said that purpose of the Sharia court was to ensure early and easy justice to the people. Similarly the courts would help people resolving their disputes according to the Islamic Sharia, he added. Meanwhile, Jamiat-e-Ulma Islam Fazl- led jirga after holding detailed talks with the two rival militant groups in Tirah valley including Lashkare Islam and Insarul Islam, has summoned grand jirga in Peshawar to meet on Thursday for devising strategy to set things right for restoring peace in the area. The jirga changed its meeting venue set in Hangu after severe clashes erupted between the Taliban and security forces. This was announced by JUI (F) secretary general and chief of the jirga Maulana Shujaul Mulk while briefing the newsmen about the development in the peace process. The jirga had gone to Tiray valley, Khyber agency and returned after three days stay, where they held brief meetings with the chiefs of both the militant groups. Shujaul Mulk, who led the jirga pointed finger at the hidden elements busy in deteriorating law and order situation in the area. He informed that the JUI-F provincial executive council in its meeting held on July 6 had constituted a grand jirga comprising representatives from all the tribal areas and frontier regions for talks between the two groups in Tirah valley. To contact both LI and AI, a 13-member delegation had left for Tirah, which returned on Saturday. The jirga held meetings with LI chief Haji Mangal Bagh and informed  about their concerns, reservations and viewpoints. They also met Qari Mahboobul Haq, the head of Ansarul Islam, who shared his point of view with the jirga, he informed. He added that the delegation did not take any direct action pertaining to ceasefire or inking deal between the two groups, as it had to take the entire jirga into confidence. He continued that they gathered information about the reasons of the clashes and viewpoint of both the sides. The two sides welcomed them with open hands, he added. The details of the delegation's activities would be discussed thoroughly in the meeting of the grand jirga and strategy would be worked out in light of that, he maintained. To a question, the Maulana said that no representative from either of the warring sides would attend the next meeting of the jirga. In reply to another question, he said that both the sides had agreed to arrange a meeting of the heads of the two groups at an impartial place in the agency, but no decision to this effect has yet been taken. It is worth mentioning that at least 600 persons have been killed in clashes between LI and AI in the last three years. Ali Afzal from Kurram Agency adds: At least four persons, including three bank employees, were abducted here on Monday in two separate incidents in Kurram Agency. According to details, the first incident occurred at Khurram Agency's Bagan bazaar from where some unknown armed men abducted one, Zulfiqar, belonging to Alizai area. After abducting, the armed men took him to some unknown place. The abductors reportedly told the family of Zulifqar to leave Alizai area otherwise he would not be released. The second incident took place on a road connecting Hangu with Kurram Agency. Some unknown armed men abducted three employees of the bank from here and took them also to an unknown location. Meanwhile, a local Jirga, constituted to resolve dispute over Manaro Jaba Check-post at Pak-Afghan border, will hold talks on July 16. The check-post had been established in 1979. Recently Afghan and Pak forces disputed over the check-post. A local Jirga was constituted on Sunday to resolve the dispute and it would hold talks on July 16. Online adds: Some unknown felons have fired two rockets at the house of Azam Khan, former provincial candidate of PML-Q & former chairman 'Public Safety Commission' here at Swabi Road in Mardan on Monday morning. According to details, some unknown miscreants fired two rockets on the house of Azam Khan, situated in Khan Qila on Swabi road. Resultantly, the upper part of the house got partially damaged, however the inmates remained unhurt. The police have cordoned off the area and started investigation.