THEY are the hellraisers of the music world. But the 582 drummers who drummed together on Monday night shunned the example of the likes of The Whos Keith Moon and Led Zeppelins John Bonham to work together in perfect harmony. They beat out the same rhythm for five minutes to set a new world record. The efforts at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, sanctioned by Guinness World Records, beat the previous record of 533 set by a group of US drummers in 2006. The record attempt was organised to increase awareness of multiple sclerosis and succeeded in raising 20,000 for charity. Among the drummers was Don Powell, of 70s glamrockers Slade. He said: 'I was performing in Budapest on Sunday but I just had to get back here for this event, especially in my home town - its amazing. 'Im so happy we smashed the record and weve set a very high target for them to beat. 'I find it fantastic that musicians now have a voice and can get involved in something as wonderful as this record. 'It isnt as difficult getting to everyone playing at the same speed for this as people might think, its getting them to stop thats the problem. 'This event is very important to me, Id do anything for such a good cause like this. Cold Feet star John Thompson, who hosted the event, also took to the drumstool to play his part in the record attempt. He said: 'We drummers are a rare bunch, a real sharing people. 'Whenever you speak to another drummer they always try to help you out or teach you something new. 'I think that spirit can be seen at this event, I never thought I would break any sort of world record, but this means so much to me and its for such a great cause. 'It has been a real logistical nightmare, but weve cracked it. 'Ive played drums for about 27 years and am not too humble to say Im pretty good now. 'I would love to get back into playing in a band but in my line of work I can be very unreliable. The record-breaking feat was dreamt up back in January and hundreds of hours had been spent organising it. Daily Mail