THE first batch of the IDPs facilitated by the government has moved back to Malakand Division. This is surely good news for the entire nation and IDPs themselves who had to stay in uncomfortable makeshift camps, suffering great mental agony. But the 192 families that have gone back constitute only a fraction of a total of more than two million displaced persons. There should be no disputing President Asif Zardari's observation that though the challenge was quite daunting the IDPs' rehabilitation was government's top priority. Likewise, another factor that should motivate the people to return to their homes in Swat is the confirmation by Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik that the security forces have mopped up the area, as the militants there have been defeated. Given these confirmations, the rest of the IDPs should seriously consider returning. However, there are at present certain issues that must be addressed. Most of the IDPs refuse to leave the camps because they say they have not been given the ATM cards. Others still are worried about security. Likewise, a great deal of infrastructure including schools, hospitals and roads, destroyed in the fight against militancy needs to be rebuilt. Those whose houses have been affected must also be compensated. Concurrently, creation of jobs would come in handy. Not only that. Efforts on a war footing would be required to revive the economy of the region.