In a recent well-researched article, the writer brought out that Pakistan has taken up the issue of compensation for 200,000 cusecs of stolen water with India. This "theft" recently took place in June 2009. In simple terms, the loss to Pakistan has been caused by India by building the Baghliar Dam on the Chenab River in Indian held Kashmir (IHK). This, indeed, is a very serious issue and as such, wisdom demands that it may not be viewed as an isolated incident. In fact, the construction of Baghliar Dam is a part of India's water strategy and it is exclusively designed to harm Pakistan on non-conventional fronts. Precisely speaking, India has adopted this strategy for Chankya's well-known dictum of deception or unethical warfare in sharp contrast to ethical warfare to achieve national objectives. Interestingly, practical demonstration of this 'design' was given by India's ex-PM Vajpayee's behaviour. The story gives that while inaugurating Sudhu Darshan festival in Laddakh, he had put his hands in the Sindhu River and uttered such words which precisely meant that he could stop flow of water downhill to Pakistan. In view of this incident, the writer poses a question as to what could be India's ultimate objective? And then he himself answers that one could see into dark recesses of the Indian mind through writings of a few Indian military strategists. These writings have appeared in India's United Services Institution magazine. Highlights of those writings are that these spearhead India's campaign to justify water warfare with Pakistan. Brigadier Joshi, in his book: War in the 21st Century, has even tried to justify scrapping of Indus Basin Water Treaty. He made this mischievous suggestion by twisting Laws of International Water Counsel. To support the stand of military leaders, some Indian historians have also started arguing that India should put all moral values at bay and engage itself in all-out warfare with Pakistan. These scholars recommend that extreme damage should be caused to Pakistan by building of additional dams in IHK. The damage caused by closing flow of river Chenab to Pakistan could be gauged and further action may be taken in the light of this present venture. India's nefarious designs are a serious threat to Pakistan. Already, the blockade on the Chenab River has reduced flow of water to a trickle. Seen in this backdrop, Pakistan is already in throes of a severe water shortage. India's intransigence in building more dams will make the shortage of water and power of Pakistan.. India's unilateral Chenab closure decision has already affected Pakistan's Kharif Crop, particularly cotton and sugarcane. It is high time that Pakistan understands the gravity of the situation. India's intentions are loud and clear. It is determined to use river waters as an Aqua Bomb against Pakistan. India's tactics include releasing floodwater or choking water without previous notice to Pakistan. To use water as an Aqua Bomb, India has built multiple barrages and dams, even on rivers, that were awarded to Pakistan under Indus Water Treaty (IWT). In sum, as reflected by writings of India's strategists and military minds, India's current attitude is well planned to harm Pakistan. For Pakistan, it is high time to wake up, as time and tide wait for no one. The writer is a retired colonel