US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has no plans to visit Pakistan and Afghanistan during her upcoming trip to India and Thailand, the State Department has said. "I am sure that she will visit Afghanistan and Pakistan, but not on this visit. It is just to India and Thailand," State Department spokesman Ian Kelly told reporters at his daily press briefing. It is believed that certain quarters in the State Department, friends of Pakistan in the US and Islamabad itself wanted Clinton to make a stopover in Pakistan during her trip to India later this week. However, the top US diplomat is believed to have insisted that she does not want to club both the countries together -- thus indicating that the Obama Administration does not want to hyphenate India with Pakistan -- and would like to have the relationship with the two neighbours on a different footing. Having a special affection for India and visited the country several times in the past, Clinton wants to take the Indo-US relationship to an altogether new level, wherein the two countries are equal partners in addressing the current global challenges.