Politicians were cautious, diplomats apprehensive, while independent analysts were weird of the situation in the country heading to rock bottom level of politico-economic depression, which they observed, would definitely give birth a ray of hope for future. This was the scenario at the National Day reception of France at a local hotel hosted by Ambassador and Madam Deniel Jouanneau, and attended by a number of key political figures. It is the level of extreme depth of depression where we have reached now, and I hope we would move towards hope from here, observed Akram Zaki, a prominent leader of the formerly ruling party Pakistan Muslim League (Q). He avoided going into details of the burning issues in the country. Fame of the lawyers movement Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan was rather mum on the topic of politics, law and order, and economics in Pakistan. Upon insistence of this scribe he gave out his foresight on at least the political situation in the country by saying, President Zardari is a kind of person who doesnt resist, and he would not resist any of the popular forces as he did in the case of restoration the apex judiciary. Ahsan was hopeful of the restoration of the Constitution, as the Parliamentary Committee has already started work on it. However, Minister for Industry Manzoor Watoo was of the view that the Parliamentary Committee for Constitution would take some time in achieving consensus on the desired amendments in the Constitution. Being the concerned Minister, he said, revival of industrial growth from overall industrys negative growth of 3.3 per cent and the large manufacturing growth level of minus 7.7 would be great challenge for the country. The revival of the industry depends on law and order, political stability, and economic recovery, he maintained. Watoo was of the view that the government was bound to prefer the masses over the industry, but ignoring protection of the industry would result in eventual suffering for the people. American Ambassador Anne W Paterson was one of the notable dignitaries who graced the occasion. She was appreciative of the expanding bilateral ties between the US and Pakistan. Meanwhile a senior American diplomat told The Nation that the special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Halbrooke would not be reaching Pakistan this week. He would be here soon, he added.