LONDON - British troops beat and burnt Iraqi prisoners - and even made one dance like Michael Jackson, an inquiry heard the other day. A disturbing video was also shown in which hooded and bound Iraqis were screamed at with abuse and forced into painful stress positions. The startling allegations emerged on the opening day of an inquiry into the death of one of the detainees Baha Mousa, 26, in Basra six years ago. He sustained 93 separate injuries including fractured ribs and a broken nose while in the custody of the Preston-based Queens Lancashire Regiment. Fellow inmates claimed they were urinated on and forced to lie face down over a hole filled with excrement. It was heard others had their hands were burnt with boiling water. It is claimed the regiment used humiliating and banned abuse. Gerard Elias QC counsel to the inquiry, said: The detainees were hooded with sandbags, placed in stress positions and subjected to shouting. One man says he was made to dance like M Jackson. The wide-ranging inquiry is also looking at the Armys use of condition techniques to soften up prisoners for interrogation. These were supposed to have been banned 36 years ago. Last year the British Ministry of Defence paid 2.83million in compensation to the dad-of-two, Mousa, and nine abused Iraqis. Corporal Payne was dismissed from the Army and sentenced to one year in jail after admitting inhumanely treating civilians. The inquiry in Central London continues.