THE gory incident inside a courtroom in Germany where a Muslim woman Marwa Sherbini was stabbed to death by a racist on the ground of her being a Muslim and that she had been wearing a headscarf is simply outrageous. And so is the hypocritical way it has been played down in Germany. Her husband who was with her tried to save her but was fired at by the security guard who says that he mistook him for the attacker. While there have been protests in Egypt where thousands of people calling her "martyr of the headscarf" attended her funeral, media both in Germany and in other western countries has maintained a guilty silence. This indicates that even the western societies are not free from the evils of racism. It provides a sad contrast about the way hate crimes against Muslims are treated and reported in the media compared to incidents where westerners are the victims. These incidents need to be brought to the limelight. True, there exists anti-western sentiment among Muslims which given the military adventures savagely carried out in Afghanistan and Iraq and Palestine is understandable, but the West must try to deal with its Islamophobia that by any reckoning is based on paranoia.