MEGAN Fox has the body most envied by women, according to a new poll. The Transformers actress, who is praised for her classic hourglass figure, has been voted No 1 in Heat magazines Body Envy Survey 2009. But despite having the most desired body, Megan apparently has a phobia of looking at herself, telling I usually dont watch myself, I dont watch playback, I dont look at still photos, I have a phobia of it. She added: But I forced myself to sit down for Transformers 2. Girls Alouds Cheryl Cole came second in Heats Body Envy Survey, followed by curvy Kelly Brook in third place and Beyonce in fourth place. Angelina Jolie was voted fifth, just ahead of Brad Pitts ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. Jessica Alba was placed seventh in the poll, Jennifer Lopez was eighth and Katie Price, aka Jordan, was considered to have the ninth most enviable body. Rihanna rounded of the top ten list. Heat editor Julian Linley said: Its really refreshing to see Cheryl Cole beating curvy Kelly Brook to second place, and for the Brits to make the top ten, alongside Jennifer, Angelina, Beyonce and co. GN