FORMER President Musharraf keeps reminiscing about the time he held the reins of power and off and on expresses the view that should the people so desire he would be ready to come back and 'serve the country'. It is amazing how the delusions of one's indispensability or perception of being the saviour that the nation is looking for could distort one's sense of proportion. Plain commonsense would have informed him that the dark chapter of his rule stands closed for ever and wishful thinking would serve no useful purpose. The memories of heavy-handed tactics, rank corruption and pervasive irregularities to prolong his regime have not faded from the public mind. If nothing else, the manner in which the hordes of people came out on the streets and bore the brunt of atrocities his minions committed when they protested against the unconstitutional dismissal of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry should have made him wiser. Generally speaking, Musharraf's regime proved a catalyst in the public feeling, making it virtually impossible for another Bonapartist to try his luck on the usurpation of power. General Musharraf seems to see little significance in the anger that a sizeable number of influential political figures and politically conscious people feel at the coup he staged and other acts he committed in utter violation of the Constitution during the course of his tenure as an autocratic ruler. He should know that they are itching to file a case against him for violating the Constitution, the charge if proven guilty carries the death penalty. The reports that he wanted the PML(Q) party elections to be postponed till coming November when he would become eligible to enter politics does not do him any credit. It is in his own interest that he dropped the idea of assuming power once again and meddling in internal politics.