ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court on Tuesday directed government to provide financial support as well as protection to the eunuchs aimed to enable them lead a respectable life in society. A three-member bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice while hearing a petition filed by Dr Muhammad Aslam Khaki directed the government to provide financial support to the transgender individuals from Bait-ul-Maal or Benazir Income Support Programme. The bench also directed the Interior Ministry to issue instructions to the law enforcing agencies to provide protection to eunuchs from 'Ghunda elements. The Petitioner, Dr Khaki submitted before the court that eunuchs (she-males) were deprived of their basic rights as citizens of Pakistan and face humiliation in society. He said that parents expelled them from homes due to their feminine characters like dancing and wearing feminine dresses. He said that they could opt for a specific sex through surgery. An educated eunuch, named Shazia, informed the court that she-males born in well off families are accepted, they get education and do jobs but those belonging to poor families resort to dancing etc for earning bread. She further informed that they faced humiliation in society and torture at the hands of their gurus and other miscreants while the police, too, registered false cases against them. She said that her father and brothers were not letting her to enter home. Dr Khaki further stated that there was no column in identity card to specify sex of the transgender individuals. He provided the court with an identity card on which the photograph tended to be that of a female while in the respective column gender of the bearer of the card was listed as 'male. He further said that eunuchs were not owned by their parents and were deprived of their share in property. To this, the Chief Justice observed that it was the responsibility of parents and state to support and protect them. The Chief Justice said that government could support eunuchs by providing them respectable jobs or financial support through the income support programme or Bait-ul-Maal while the NGOs should also come forward, he said. He also directed the Secretary Social Welfare to come up with projects for the social uplift of transgender individuals. The provincial departments of social welfare were also directed to provide lists of the registered eunuchs in next hearing of the case. The case was adjourned till third week of August.