LAHORE - The Punjab government on Tuesday gave special allowance 20 per cent of the basic pay to the employees of the Punjab Civil Secretariat BS-1 to 22 working and posted at the Punjab Civil Secretariat with effect from July 1, 2009. The Finance Department issued a notification, which mentions that the allowance would not be considered part of emoluments for the purpose of the calculation of pension, and commutation. However, this special allowance would not be admissible to eight categories of officers and officials. First, officers and officials of the Secretariat on deputation or posted by transfer outside the Secretariat, which includes attached departments, field formations and autonomous bodies as well. Secondly, this bar is also applicable to those officers and officers who are on long leave, study leave and extra ordinary leave for more than 120 days, or are training abroad or are under suspension. Thirdly, officers belonging to the judiciary deputed in the law or any other department in the Secretariat, who are in receipt of the judicial allowance already, would not get this special allowance. Fourthly, Secretariats officers and officials working with the Chief Ministers and Governors Secretariats, who are entitled to the respective allowances, would not get special allowance as well. Fifthly, administrative Secretaries of BS-20 and above would get this allowance as they are already allowed special allowance since November 29, 2006, which was given by Pervaiz Elahis government. Sixthly, officers and officials, who are posted in other departments, provided they are already in receipt of departments specific allowance. Seventhly, officers and official of non-secretariat offices, who are presently working in the Secretariat, and are already in receipt departments allowance, would not also get this allowance. Lastly, employees of the Special Education Dept have been also barred from getting this allowance.